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I was looking at the output of the NS-T time module and noticed that after the correction, there seem to be two fields between it and the checksum with the latest firmware (blue dot?). Is there anything interesting in those fields?
Mar 11, 2015
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Is it possible to add a battery backup. I'm mainly concerned about the timing module, but all appear to have the same schematic. I would like it to remember the position and such so that if I shut it off for a few minutes or hours it won't take a lo…
Dec 1, 2014
tz replied to tz's discussion SUP800 problems
"When I set the baud rate to 921600 and select "save to SRAM", it works - changing the baud rate to 921600 until power is lost on the module.
When I set the baud rate to 921600 and select "save to SRAM+Flash", it changes the baud rate to 230400, NOT…"
Aug 15, 2014
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I can't update a baud rate of 921600 to sram+flash - I can select it, but it drops back to 230400 and that is the default.It seems a pull-up is REQUIRED on the flash/rom bootsel pin. If I leave it floating, it seems I get the ROM most of the time.I'…
Aug 15, 2014
tz commented on Oliver Huang's blog post FlexGPS : Flexible GPS Development Platform
"In combination with the 1pps, it makes an accurate 100uS timestamp.  External devices might have a crystal but no txco - there might be 9995 ticks per second, or 10010.  Even a 50hz pulse synced with a 50hz sample rate helps link the exact time for…"
Jun 13, 2014
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May 10, 2014