Tutorial: using a nokia lcd screen

Thanks for adding tutorials to the site. It has been a while since i coded so it is a great help for users like me.

However, the tutorial about the Nokia 5110 display refers to a source file which is not there:

Download the NavSpark Example Code Files from our Resources page and open the GPS Graphic LCD demo (demo_gps_info_graphic_lcd_Nokia5110)

On the resources page i can only find the file. And this file does not contain the demo_gps_info_graphic_lcd_Nokia5110 file.

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  • Combined GPB/Beidou location from my windowsill.

  • ...and yes. The sketch works fine when compiled with the latest IDE. Sorry for the confusion. I thought i was using the latest IDE because the version number matched...

  • Thanks! I know what's wrong now. My arduino environment is also 1.5.6r2. But it is not the latest version from the navspark resources webpage. I just checked the version numbers of the IDE, but the navspark files within have apparantly been updated since.

  • This demo wasn't suppose to be released until the new website is up.  Fortunately, GnssInfo.time.decisecond() does exist.  It was added on February 17.

    That's odd, I personally compiled the sketch using the same executable, and the sketch in the zip file compiles.

    What kind of error message does it give you when you compile with decisecond()?  Does it respond that it does not exist?

  • Thanks, i can compile the code and upload it without problem. I am using the same Arduino executable you mentioned. I indeed found the nokia 5110 tutorial on the new (unreleased) website.

    I found it odd that the demo code uses GnssInfo.time.decisecond() in GnssInfoTimeLCDFormatString. That should probably be GnssInfo.time.centisecond() because GnssInfo.time.decisecond() does not exist. The programmers guide also doesn't mention GnssInfo.time.decisecond().

    So the code from the zip does not compile as is. I changed the decisecond to centisecond. Then it compiles and uploads fine. But it does not seem to work. The display shows no text, the led light can be switched on and off from the navspark though. Since the code from the zipfile is apparently not used in the tutorial as is (because of the decisecond) i was wondering whether there may be more differences between this version and the one shown in the tutorial.

  • I believe you have visited our new website that hasn't been officially released yet.  If you download our newest executable Windows Version (.zip, ver 1.5.6 r2, 20150331), you should be able to compile and upload the Nokia 5110 code just fine.

  • Hm... strange, local holiday here till next Monday. Will get back to you next Tuesday.

  • Thanks! There is one strange error in the code: it uses GnssInfo.time.decisecond() in GnssInfoTimeLCDFormatString. That should probably be GnssInfo.time.centisecond(). Is this same code that compiled and was actually used in the tutorial? I don't get any output on the LCD, that might be due to my soldering skills though...

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