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I am currently trying to timestamp an event on a gpio pin using a navspak (glonass,baidu and mini version). The problem is that I would ideally require a callback (basically push I assume) on _both_ edges. Is there any way to get this done (via multiple callbacks, logical or between rising/falling edge flag)?

Also: am I blind or does the mini lack the gpio10 required for timestamping? (is there a way to remap it to something else?)

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  • There is only GPIO10 pin that supports time-stamping. It can be configured to be rising-edge triggered or falling-edge triggered, but not on both edges. To trigger on both edge, you’ll need to implement a small circuit that generates two pulses from each of the rising and falling edge.

    NavSpark-mini does not have GPIO10 for time-stamping. Only NavSpark, NavSpark-BD, and NavSpark-GL does.

     One possibility might be to use NavSpark-mini to continuously monitor the trigger input signal and generate a pulse for detected rising edge and falling edge on another GPIO to one of the NavSpark that supports GPIO10. 

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