Would it be possible to rework the IDE files such that they can be integrated directly into the newest arduino 1.6 as a new core?

The ESP8266 (well known cheap Wifi chip) has recently been included as a new core, and it runs perfectly with it's own toolchain. You can find it on the arduino-esp8266  github , and a forum discussion on the arduino-esp8266 here

The new core can be added to an existing arduino 1.6.4 installation by running the board manager after adding a board related JSON file to the Arduino preferences. The hardware specific files and tools (containing the toolchain) folders are then automatically downloaded and installed into C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Arduino15. A restart from the IDE then shows up the new board and tools.

I believe that the same procedure for the NavSpark, with the Leon3 toolchain will probably not be that different from the ESP8266 implementation.

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  • Thank you Ingmar and Edwin for letting me know it works OK. Hope with Windows port experience, Linux port could be done faster. After both done, would contact Arduino team about it.

  • Installation of the navspark files was pretty easy.

    Just compiled a sketch on the standard arduino 1.6.5 editor. Works great on windows. I can test on Linux too later.

    Jason, many thanks for your efforts!

  • bizdev @ That's the "official" email address for all arduino related stuff. They welcome enquiries about integration of other platforms. (see

  • No we haven't. Is there an email address to contact for this?

  • It works great. Have you contacted the Arduino team about the installation of the toolchain through the boardmanager?

  • Board Manager support for Windows version Arduino is available now. Add following line to File --> Preferences --> Additional Board Manager URLs:

    It still need compiler,, be manually installed under "c:\opt", or there will be compile error; we haven't figured out how to avoid manual install of this yet. Existing 1.5.6 users already have this "c:\opt" contents do not need to reinstall. Linux version will be worked on next week, please stay tuned.

    After both Windows and Linux Board Manager done and no problems reported, we'll update the Resource page information.

  • Wow, you guys are doing overtime. It's 5 am over there.

    I hope you will figure it out.

  • We are seeing compatibility issue with Board Manager, on some PC it compiles correctly, on some have warning and incorrectly generate code larger than 1MByte. Still trying to find out why.

  • It looks like you ran into problems? Or am I to eager, ;-) ?

  • Great work! I am looking forward to switch to a single arduino environment for all boards.

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