I have been following the forum for quite a while. I would like to put together an RTK solution - I probably should go with NavSpark RAW - but am holding out for a multi constellation solution.

Might you have an application note for the S1315F8-RAW chip?

I also note near the end of its data sheet (or in the FAQ) a note that S1315F8 flash based while NavSpark RAW (or Venus?) is ROM based. Might there be any flexibility to flash its firmware? I'm very keen on GPS/GLONASS



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  • Yuan10 uses Venus 6 chipset based S1315F-RAW. S1315F8-RAW is based on Venus 8 chipset. Size and pin-out of the two modules are same.

  • I came across this link with some schematic. Do I presume the Yuan 10 is based on the same chip or is S1315F8-RAW different?

  • The NavSpark hardware could not support GLONASS carrier phase measurement for cm-level RTK application.

  • Thanks Jason.

    I have looked through the datasheet, and it is very helpful. I hope I can get started in the next few days. Is it possible to update its firmware to support GPS / GLONASS?



  • S1315F8-RAW datasheet and protocol application note is at bottom of this page: The module mainly output carrier phase measurement data, so datasheet and AN0030 is sufficient. Post-processing using 3rd party software will need to consult other party's document.

    NS-RAW is Flash based too, but GPS only due to hardware limitations.

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