RTKLIB - How can I improve solutions?


I'm experimenting with two NS-RAW modules (with standard antennas), following the tutorial (, but I have troubles getting fixed solutions..

This is my result (with rover fixed):

(after few minutes)

After more minutes:

With 6 satellites over 40db and 1,5 HDOP I hoped to achieve fixed solutions, how can I improve results? (I used settings explained in the tutorial)



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  • Also, try downloading the latest NS-RAW firmware, hope the update will help you improve your results.

  • Hi,

    sorry but I can't sort out your problem with my pics.

    Anyway in my tests the rover is less than 1 meter away from base station, there are 3-4 more visible satellites, but under 30 db strength, so I put them in the exclude list (like showed in the tutorial).

    Unfortunately at the moment I don't have an antenna splitter to do the suggested test.
    I think I need better antennas (like Tallysman 3040).


  • The pictures are still too small for me.

    You have the ideal HDOP values.  For 6 satellites, your rover and base may not be too far apart in distances.  In most cases, you need at least 8 satellites to be able to achieve a fixed solution.

    You may also want to try using an antenna splitter (by hooking up the rover and the base to the same antenna) to reduce the distance and see if you can get a fixed solution.  That way, you can also check each antennas' signal and isolate the issue.

  • Hi,

    I see the pictures in their normal size. Anyway here are the links to original images (1.093x669px):


  • Hi Luca, can you re-upload your photos?  They're too small to be viewed.  Thanks.

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