Real-time RTK processing

Hello Everyone, 

I'm fairly new to the world of RTK; planning a small rover using a pair of nav-spark raw boards and RTKlib. 

I've done a bit of research trying to answer this question, but haven't come up with anything concrete. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. 

As I said, I'm building a small rover that will use a raspberry pi B+, two nav-spark raw boards, and RF from the base station. Has anyone had any luck getting measurement data from RTKlib into python (real-time) for steering control? Any solutions or direction would be a huge help. 


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  • So to make it work in real-time, you used a radio link to receiver the base station's observations at the R-pi, which I assume was cable-connected to the rover.

    Could you share more details about the radio link?


  • Thanks, Jason. I'm aware of the data flow for each; however, my intention is to get solution data from RTKLIB into python to make real time steering corrections. I ended up setting RTKLIB's output data steam to a TCP client and grabbing it via python. Seems to work thus far...

    Thanks again. 

  • Measurement data comes off NS-RAW. RTKLIB takes raw measurement to generates PVT solution. Python is a programming language...

    Someone ran RTKLIB on Raspberry Pi: 

    Would this be any help?

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