Possible to modify NS-RAW for 5V antenna bias?

On the prelim SE4150 datasheet, I see pin 24 is the ANT_FEED pin for antenna power.  I was considering modifying the board to apply 5VDC to this pin for antennas that require a minimum of 4.5V.  The main problem I see is that the datasheet also says that no pin should have more than 3.6V -I don't want to fry the chip...  Any suggestions, or should I try to find antennas with lower voltage requirements?  Thanks!

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  • Proper way to do it is adding DC block before NS-RAW RF input, adding Bias Tee between DC Block and your antenna to provide needed DC power:

    If you are able to solder and un-solder 0402 component, then you could make AL2 stand on RF_IN side of the pad, and connect the other side of the inductor to 5V via a wire. Make sure you tape it so won't inadvertently rip AL2 with its connecting pad up. 

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