Navspark mini and Board Manager and IDE Error 4

I am testing the free Navspark mini, according to the description I added the Navspark boards with the Board Manager, but the Navspark Mini does not appear in the list, just the (GPS), BD and GL.

Whatever board I try, after compiling (which runs fine) I try to send the sketch to the unit but get an Error 4 at uploading....

I do get the GPS data using the serial monitor so the connection works!

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  • Jason, it works, thanks! Now I will start programming...
  • Thx Jason, I will try next week when I return home!
  • Make sure baud rate is 115200. If not change to 115200 using GNSS Viewer. Disconnect from terminal or GNSS Viewer to free up COM port. Compile using NavSpark (GPS) and upload. See if it works.

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