More analog?

I wasn't aware when I signed on the Indiegogo that there was only one analog pin on the board -- this is a bit of a disappointment. I was hoping this would be the brains of a quadcopter, where I'd likely need four analog pins, for speed control of each rotor.

Any suggestions, aside from using the NavSpark just as a nav module piggybacked on another microcontroller?

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  • Greetings Jason,


    Next time I'm close to a color printer I'll run off a few copies of that.

    I'm wondering what kind of little oscilloscope can be made with a Nokia LCD and a NavSpark : )

  • The pin beside GPIO1,

  • I've looked high and low for information on which pin analog input 0 actually is. Has anyone found it?

  • Quad-copter may need IMU sensor board. Might a I2C interface 9 or 10 DOF IMU sensor board with 4 PWM outputs be useful for such quad-copter application? The 4 PWM output would come from a low-cost MCU on the same sensor board receiving command over 2-wire interface of NavSpark. 

    The ADC might be OK for measuring rough battery voltage, allowing NavSpark to know battery low before it dies out. We didn't have too ambitious goal for the ADC when dropping this test block to the design.


  • I did not notice any analog inputs promised at all on the indiegogo site. The one analog input present is apparently untested- does it actually work? I haven't seen any field reports one way or the other, but would be interested in hearing if it does work, and if so what is the actual resolution (often different from the nominal resolution due to noise, etc.)

  • ESC use PWM. Yes there is only one PWM dedicated pin, but I'm sure with a little software know how you could make some of the GPIO pins PWM. Something similar was done on the RaspPi from googling.

    I had the same thought as you when I first thought this, but I feel that you should probably think of this module offloading some of the complicated task from the main Processor of the Quad.

    Good luck

  • You can use an analog demultipler to get more analog outputs. You will need 2 gpio.

    Here is a link showing you how to use a multiplexer/demultiplexer to combine multiple I/O into 1 analog I/O.
  • Does the same apply to outputs?  A quadcopter would use 4 analog outputs to drive the ESC (Electronic Speed Control) of the four rotors.

  • You should be able to add additional analog inputs using either I2C or SPI. Do some googling about this. If you need more help check back and I will try to find some more info for you.
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