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I have a use case where I want to leave an NS-RAW on the greenland ice sheet during the polar night to record to SD for as long as possible (months to half a year). I expect temperatures to drop below -50C and there is a real problem with most batteries. So I want to minimize power comsumption to an absolute minimum. My initial imperfect measurements indicate i would need in the order of 250Ah with the latest firmware. 

GOAL: I would really like to be able to detect very small changes in average monthly velocities (horizontal). E.g. a speed up from 20cm/day in december to 21cm/day in january. Or something even better.

My questions are:

* Would it be feasible to reduce power consumption significantly by modifying the firmware?

* Does it make sense i have an external timer to switches off the GPS - 90% of the time. (in this case what would be the best strategy to get highest possible precision. Record continuously for 2 hours a day? 1 hour every 12 hours? 12hours once a week?)

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  • In trying to minimize power consumption while also keeping position uncertainty acceptable, it's preferable to maximize the uninterrupted session duration, so as to facilitate ambiguity resolution. E.g., it's better to have a single one-hour long session per day than four 15-min-long sessions at different hours of the day.

    The achievable position uncertainty will be a trade-off between observation session duration and distance to the nearest base station. You could deploy your own base station setting up an NS-RAW uninterrupted at the site where you have the most reliable power source.

    You can experiment using existing 24-h data files then decimating and processing shorter files in RTKLIB.


  • Precision achievable with NS-RAW relies on the RTK post-processing software, base reference accuracy, GPS antenna, and time of day when there are more satellites evenly spread with good DOP sufficient for RTK software to achieve FIXED solution. Easiest is to add an FET switch to cut off power to NS-RAW when it's not needed to save battery.

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