Just downloaded software get Bad library name error

I have setup following the guide and can compile without error but every time I start the Arduino IDE I get:

Ignoring bad library name

The library :Adafruit-GFX-Library-master" cannot be used.

blah blah blah

and after I click OK I get

 "pcd8544-master" library error

and then I get the first error again with the second error following for the second time.

What do I do to get rid of these?

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  • I have arduino 1.6 installed and I am using it, I added some 'Libraries" which are in "My Documents/Arduino/libraries" directory, those are the ones that are causing the issue. Renaming the libraries directory to libraries_save and starting NavArduino (that's what I call NavSparks version) creates a new libraries directory with a readme.txt and Arduino starts without the errors.

    How about a navlibraries subdirectory? That way I won't have to remember to rename when I use Arduino 1.6

  • Downloaded executable from :

    Hmmm.... not sure what's particular about your PC having this strange issue.

  • done, same issue, did you compile from source?

  • I just installed the latest Arduino IDE on my Windows 7. No error seen when starting Arduino IDE.

    Could you try delete the whole Arduino directory and re-install the latest to see if still having problem?

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