Handling GPS antennas

Hi, could you point me to resources or give tips about how to handle the ceramic patch antennas? I read that the antenna / the internal LNA is very sensitive to ESD, so I would like to know how to appropiately handle and mount it. Also I would like to enclose the antenna. Metal would obviously be a bad choice, but do plastics worsen the reception (and if so, which)? Are there off-the-shelf antenna cases for those?


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  • From what I've read (was about external GPS antennas for caravans, but propably applies here too) is that you should have some distance between the antenna and metal underneath. Also I used to keep my antenna in the conductive anti-ESD bag the Navspark came in, and it worsened reception by 10 points in the signal strength table.

  • Unless unhappy with signal reception performance, probably no need bother trying these?

  • Do i need to put some metal sufrace under antena for better reception? I seen antena placed on computer side cover somewehere on this site.

  • Take it by PCB, avoid touch metallic film surface will do. 

    Plastic housing will have less attenuation on signal. Housing enclosure will shift its antenna center frequency degrading signal reception, degree varies with material, thickness, ...; larger patch antenna size will have less center frequency shift. The antenna shipped are already using largest popular 1"x1" size, so need not be too concerned. Simply choose plastic enclosure suitable for your project and put the antenna inside.

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