Hi all, i'm about to start my project for a GPS to canbus interface aimed at race cars, there are already serveral interfaces like the one i whant to do but they are always very pricy.

So i woul like to aske the community a couple of questions considering that the gps will be fitted on a race car with roughlt +/-2G accelerations, the 20Hz position update is ok but of course if i can archieve 50hz will be much better, what i don't know is if i should prefere multiple GNSS at 20hz or aiming only at GPS @50HZ. Aslo, will the SBAS active decrease the maximum frequency i can achive or is it still 20Hz for Multiple GNSS and 50HZ for GPS only ?

The leon3 SOC doesn't seems to have an integrated can, so i will have to add a CAN spi interface and for those the MC2515 is an easy choiche but it's 5V, is the community aware of a 3V solution to interface the NAvspark to the canbus ?


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  • NavSpark max update rate has been set to 10Hz to allow remaining CPU throughput for user programmability.

    MCP2515 has 2.7V ~ 5.5V as operating voltage.

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