RTK systems are expensive, but if one doesn't need real-time and have access to raw observables, it's possible to do post-processing using RTKLIB and the NS-RAW module. The problem is that surveyors often occupy landmarks in a stop-and-go fashion (or semi-static/kinematic), in between pure static and continuous kinematic sessions. Could you share some wisdom about the effort involved in adding support for an event marker, which users could press while in the field to indicate the occupation start and end times.  I'd contribute financially if crowdsourced.  It'd seem to require a hardware, firmware, and software solution.  About the latter, although RTKLIB doesn't support events, it'd suffice to be able to export RINEX files in which the epoch-by-epoch observation records are interspersed with "Event Flag Records" (RINEX spec):
| | If epoch flag 2-5: | |
| | | |
| | - Event flag: | [2X,I1,] |
| | 3: new site occupation (end of kinem. data) | |
| | (at least MARKER NAME record follows) | |
| | 2: start moving antenna | |
| (...)
|MARKER NAME | Name of antenna marker | A60 |



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  • Hi Julio.  Thanks for your comments.  

    So you:

    - use NS-RAW and export a RINEX file;

    - record the occupation start and end times in the field using an external device;

    - modify the RINEX file to insert the event flags;

    - process the modified RINEX in a software other than RTKLIB.

    I'll leave the discussion about the software part to the FOSS-GPS list:


    About the hardware, would you have any idea how to integrate it into NS-RAW?

    Maybe we can work something out together.



  • Hi Felipe Nievinki,I am glad to see you here, Sir.

    I wrote some GNU/Linux scripts to insert these flags inside rinex to process stop-go and/or device shoot signals.
    Afaik, we have no FOSS ( freedom ) neither a ( free beer ) SW to process s&g and i use a private one for this task, by now.

    I hope Takasu ( great work,  my thx to him ), will implement it.


    julio menezes

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