Board: NavSpark-GL

Sketch: demo_how_to_extract_gps_info


I have verified that the sketch is running on the NavSpark-GL board but the sketch is not displaying gps data.

It appears that the function GnssInfo.isUpdated() always returns false.

The GNSS Viewer application (version 2.0.129) will display my GPS location in less than two minutes. The NMEA messages generated by NavSpark-GL board are displayed and position of the GPS and GLONASS satellites are displayed on the map of the Earth.

I have downloaded the latest firmware to the NavSpark-GL board. The firmware version is:

     date: 2015-01-29

     file: STI_02.01.05-01.07.27_ NavSpark_GL_SD_NMEA_LOGGER_CRC_180e_115200_20150129.bin

I compiled the demo_how_to_extract_gps_info sketch with the "Leon3 with GNSS Library".

I successfully uploaded the sketch binary to the NavSpark-GL board and sketch binary began running.

I added a few extra of lines of code with print statements to verify that the sketch was running, and that the sketch was sending output to UART2.

Does anyone know why I cannot get the demo_how_to_extract_gps_info sketch to generate gps info?

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  • From my knowledge, GnssInfo.isUpdated() will only return true when NavSpark has a fixed position.

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