In regards to run RTK in realtime at 5 to 10HZ. 

Was wondering if the NS-RAW has enough CPU processor performance to process the RTKRCV (real‐time positioning) subset of the RTKLIB. The specs of the SkyTraQ Venus822 seem good (Venus822 LEON3 Sparc-V8 MCU @ 100MHz with IEEE-754 Compliant FPU, 1024KB Flash Memory, 212KB RAM).

Instead of rover client porcessing the RTK positioning, a simpler solution could be: the client rover would supply the base-station corrections to the NS-RAW module, the NS-RAW module then would process RTK and output the positions to the application on the rover client.

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  • We'll later think of a connector type solution for ease of use. It still output NMEA in 9600 but with more decimal digits; so should easily interface with Bluetooth.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Will this RTK receiver module be mounted on a PCB ?

    Can it be easily connected to a bluetooth interface ?

  • Hi Al, We expect to have a 25mm x 25mm RTK receiver module in September or October, like the one shown here: 

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