Antenna for NS-RAW

I want to use NS-RAW to map existing infrastructure (for example burried cables) and to locate them in future, i need somethink like +/- 10cm accuracy for this. I have one NS-RAW with some small antennas (internal antenna from NAVSPARK and some magnetic one). I'm using public basestation via NTRP protocol (running RTKLIB on laptop) but it's very hard (almost impossible, tried a lot of settings to get FIX. I think i need bigger antenna for my rover. Can you recommend some relatively cheap one for this needs?

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  • Hi!

    Check out my RTKLIB settings:


    Elevation Mask: 20 (if sufficient number of satellites)

    SNR Mask: 40 (to prevent cycle slip)

  • Are you using it with basestation via NTRIP? Can you post your RTKLIB settings?


  • Use GNSS radar check what time at you location has fewer GPS satellites overhead,  Avoid use NS-RAW + RTKLIB at those time will have better chance to get fixed solution, more satellites is better.

    We have used $80 Tallysman TW2710 from Digikey and found better RTK fix availability than the lower price antenna we have for normal GPS receiver. 

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