Adapter board gets hot

Hello all,

Hardware isn't my strong side. Please excuse me if this is an ignorant question.

I would like to use the navspark as a logger. I soldered the connector wires to the adapter board, plugged in the 3.7V Lipo battery shown below and noticed that the adapter board got hot very fast. Light of the navspark board (not in the photo) did not switch on. 

Did i solder the connector the wrong way round? It does seem to match the photos i found on this website.

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  • Mystery solved ! 

  • Got it! The battery connector is the wrong way round. After sending my previous comment i suddenly thought "was that a minus sign in front of the 3.8 Volt when i tested the battery?". Checked again. Indeed it was. The connector on the battery is wrong, it is not my soldering skills or the adapter.

    This what happens when you get cheap batteries from Shenzhen though Alibaba. Cheap, but downright dangerous in this case.

    The adapter and navspark worked fine when i connected the wires the wrong way round. I am impressed that the adapter actually survives this sort of stunt.

  • power over USB, navspark on adapter baord, connected the battery -> adapter board very fast became too hot to touch. I tried to feel which part became hottest. It appears to be near the component marked U3. It gets hot within a second, so hot that you almost burn your finger when you try to touch the board.

    I checked the battery voltage using a multimeter. It shows 3.8Volt. I thought maybe the battery was faulty but it does seem to be ok.

  • So NavSpark + Adapter works OK without heating up. And Adapter Board has no short looking into battery connector. 

    If NavSpark + Adapter + battery, powered by USB charging battery, does it heat up? The schematic shows battery voltage only going to J2 pin-1. Strange that Adapter Board + battery could cause heating up. Can you tell which section heating up?

  • I tried the adapter with the Navspark and ran SD_Card_Access_example as a test. No problems, no heating, all files were written to the card as they should.

    Checked the soldering. Looks ok to me (ugly, but no short circuiting blobs of solder between the pins). Applying a mutimeter to the battery connectors on the board (measuring resistance) shows resistance going to infinity pretty quickly, as though its charging a capacitor.

    Below a photo. I admit the soldering is not neat, but it doesn't look too bad either.

  • Connection looks OK. If you don't apply battery, does Adapter Board work OK as logger when stacked with NavSpark board powered from USB? Does it become hot?

    If you have multimeter, can you measure resistance from the battery connector, just Adapter Board without NavSpark stacked ? See if measured resistance is like a short. Also check if there could be potential short in adjacent pins while soldering header connector or battery wires, or if some solder residue landed somewhere creating a short (this may need good magnify glass).

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