NavSpark (168)

Problem with sparc-elf-mkprom


I try to port the adafruit 10dof library from arduino to navspark. I already change the wire functions by TwoWire, but when I try to compile my example, the program sparc-elf-mkprom crashes, without any error message. What I doing…

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4 Replies · Reply by stane Aug 20, 2015

Adapter board

I have a renata battery pack ICP543759PMT connected to the adapter board. But it seems that nothing is happening.

I messure about 3.8V as the output of the adapter board. When I measure the battery it  0 V.

The specs of the…

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1 Reply · Reply by Jason Lin Feb 11, 2015

Brocken USB connector


The USB connector of my Navspark-GL has brocken, and I would like to know is there a way to receive NMEA data via the UART pins outside with UART to USB bridge. Would I need to use the USB connector for  programming or can I use…

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1 Reply · Reply by Jason Lin Jan 26, 2015
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