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  • OK. I see the forum has moved to

    NavSpark Community - Index page
  • ok, I let my navspark hardware sit for a year and a half but what happened here?  Did my inactivity send all this into a time warp?

  • @Edwin: Simply leave a note on the webstore stating you wish to change the antenna, and it'll be processed.

    @James: Thank you !

  • Thanks for clearing that up. I ordered an internal GPS/Glonass antenna with the freebie mini (together with some other stuff). I hope i can still change it to a GPS/Beidou internal antenna. 

    Just noticed you have a 6-pack of receivers on offer now. 

  • Thanks, I'll be showing it to my local makers group. I've been contemplating getting a couple of your raw units. This pushes me to do I.

  • The Venus828F on the NavSpark-mini is actually a GPS/Beidou receiver. Due to different RFIC used inside, the Arduino NavSpark-BD library cannot work with Venus828F, but the Arduino NavSpark (GPS) library does work with Venus828F.

    Default shipped firmware on NavSpark-mini is GPS/Beidou firmware having GP prefix, making its NMEA output  compatible with conventional GPS receivers. Users can easily hook up UART output to their application controller and use it as a GPS or GPS/Beidou receiver module; or connect via PL2303 UART-to-USB adapter to evaluate performance on a PC, or using Arduino NavSpark library to use it as a development board with GPS.

    Alternatively, having average unit price of $6, the NavSpark-mini might also be useful in small projects as easy to use controller with plenty of memory and throughput.

    Currently we don't have a definite plan for a 7mm x 7mm module supporting GLONASS or Galileo yet.

  • Will you be offering Beidou/Glonass/Galileo supporting versions of your Venus receiver module as well in the future?

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