I2C Improvement

Along with latest Windows and Linux Board Manager support update, the NavSpark I2C library has been improved to allow easier adoption of other vendor's example code when using their break board.

Using Adafruit's 10DOF break board and BNO055 break board, below list modification guidelines needed to make them work with NavSpark:

1. Change all #include <Wire.h> to #include <TwoWire.h>     click below image to zoom

2. Change all Wire. function calls to twMaster. function calls. This is due to NavSpark can act as I2C master or I2C slave.

3. In setup(), need to add initialization code: GnssConfig.init(), Serial.config(), twMaster.config()

4. Change all Serial.print(F(".....")) to Serial.print(".....")

That's all ! contains Adafruit 10DOF original example code and modified version, encompassing above described guidelines, that works with NavSpark.

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